Natural Allergy Relief

Natural Allergy Relief products will depend on the allergy. Examples of allergies include hay fever, asthma, eczema, hives and food allergy, just to name a few. Allergies occur when the body overreacts to an allergen that is typically harmless to most people.  Allergy is the result of mistaken identity where by an allergen enters the body and is wrongly identified by the immune system as a dangerous substance. Accordingly, the immune system makes an antibody to attack the allergen.


Herbs for Allergies

Natural Herbal Extracts such as Eyes Bright, Calandine, Billeberry, Baical Skullcap and Dandelion assist with hay fever symptoms.

While Natural Herbal Extract such as Chickweed, Calendula and Chamomile help skin related conditions. Naturopath often recommend combining Chickweed and Calendula creams to help with both the inflammation and itching.

Do not self-diagnose. The symptoms and signs of allergies are common to many other medical conditions. It is important to see your doctor for professional diagnosis.

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