Natural Burn Remedy

Minor burns are very common at home. A Natural Burn Remedy in the form of cream or ointment is always a good addition to your medicine chest.

Burns can be very serious and Medical advice should be sort. All burns require immediate first aid treatment.

There are three levels of burns First degree burn (minor) – these burns cause damage to the first or top layer of skin only, example is sunburns. Second degree and Third degree burns are deeper and much more serious. Medical advice should be sort.

Never use ice on a burn. It can restrict the blood flow to the skin and damage the skin further. Immediately run cold water over the burn area for several minutes to stop the burn from spreading.


Natural Burn Herbs and Oils

Hypericum (St John’s Wart) is traditionally known to help with first degree burns, inflammation, scars, muscle pain, and nerve pain.

Widely used topically as a Natural Burn Remedy for minor burns is Organic Australian Tea Tree Oil. Tea tree oil has antibacterial and antiseptic properties therefore may help prevent infection. It quickly mixes with sebaceous secretions and penetrates through the outer layer of the skin, providing almost immediate pain relief.


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