Natural Cold Remedies

The most common illness suffered by children and adults is Colds (upper respiratory tract infections) and Flu (Influenza). Caused by a virus infection, they are can last many months. There are over 200 types of viruses that can cause the common cold. In addition, there are three types of flu virus – influenza A, B and C. Symptoms and intensity vary greatly from person to person. There are various natural cold remedies to help when you are suffering with these symptoms. Most effective defense against Cold and Flu is your own immune system. Strengthening your immune system will help fight these virus.


Cold & Flu Natural Herbal Products

For natural relief of common cold and flu symptoms, try Spectrum Herbal Cold and Flu

Spectrum Herbal Cough Relief, a Natural Cough remedy to help relief of dry coughs and symptoms of bronchial cough.

Spectrum Herbal Chesty Cough Relief – for stubborn chest cough and as Natural Bronchitis remedy.
Coraki Vapor Rub – natural mentholated rub to help nasal congestion. Rub a small amount on the chest or on the soles of feet before going to sleep.