Natural Constipation Remedy

Constipation occurs for many different reasons such as Stress, lack of exercise, certain medications, artificial sweeteners and a diet that’s lacking fiber or fluids. Certain medical conditions, such as an under active thyroid, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes and cancer, also can cause constipation. If condition persists, consult a health practitioner. Spectrum Herbal Urinary Track Infection Relief not only helps with UTI, it also contains many herbs traditionally used on their own as a Natural Constipation Remedy or in combination in Herbal Constipation Remedies.

It is never recommended to use a Natural Constipation Remedy that is just pure laxative. Although it would help provide relief from constipation, it does not address the cause. It certainly doesn’t address any digestive health problems.


Herbs for Natural Constipation relief

Dandelion used for digestive health. Its acts as a natural laxative, increasing urine production and bowel movements.
Horsetail has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It helps with fluid retention and urinary tract infections

Bearberry, also called Uva Ursi. Primarily used for urinary tract disorders, including infections of the kidney, bladder, and urethra; swelling (inflammation) of the urinary tract; increased urination; painful urination; and urine that contains excess uric acid or other acids. It possesses a compound called arbutin, which the body converts into a bacteria-killing substance.

Celery, used to kill bacteria in the urinary tract, as a digestive aid and for regulating bowel movements. It also helps promote relaxation and sleep.

Buchu contain active chemicals which kill germs and also promote urine flow.

Couch Grass, an anti-inflammatory used to reduce swelling in the bladder.

Juniper, used for digestion problems. It decrease inflammation and gas, fights bacteria and increase urination.

Cornsilk contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Corn silk is used for bladder infections, inflammation of the urinary system.
Three-leafed Caper has an antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties.

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