Natural Eczema Cream

Eczema (atopic dermatitis) is a recurring, non-infectious, inflammatory skin condition. When the skin barrier is damaged, moisture evaporates and this makes the skin more susceptible to allergens and irritants. There are about 20 different herbs that can be used to make a natural eczema cream and unfortunately what works well for one person may not work on another. Below list is are what we believe are the best herbs to use.


How to tell if it is Eczema or a rash?

The best way to know if a rash is Eczema or just a rash is to see your health practitioner.

Eczema also known as the twining rash. If it appears on a particular part of your body, for instance your left thigh, it will also appear in the same area on your right thigh.


What causes eczema?

Eczema is common in people who have other allergies. Known triggers for eczema include Chlorine, grass, food intolerance to artificial colours and preservatives, perfumes, soap, chemicals, woollen or synthetic fabrics, stress, and heat.


Natural eczema remedies

Unfortunately its trial and error when it comes to finding out what triggers your eczema. Simple things you can do to lesson the outbreaks include;

Changing soaps & detergents to a natural or fragrance free products

Eliminate foods that are linked to skin problems such as article flavours and preservatives

Wear Cotton clothes helps prevent sweat evaporate therefore keeping you skin dry and cool.

Lukewarm baths instead of hot baths. In my personal experience, oatmeal soap and oatmeal baths help sooth symptoms but make sure it is pure oatmeal and no added chemicals.

Moisturize and replenish skin with Natural Eczema Cream.


Herbs for eczema

The most commonly used herbs by natural practitioners in herbal remedies for eczema are Chamomile, Chickweed, Calendula and Witch Hazel. I personally found that combining Chickweed and Calendula was very effective.

Chickweed; used in herbal medicine and Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. Best known for its ability to cool inflammation and speed up healing. Primarily used to sooth minor burns, skin irritations, and rashes, particularly when associated with dryness and itching.

Calendula; most commonly used herb in a Natural Eczema Cream is Calendula. Known for many generations as an anti-inflammatory herb that can treat a range of different skin conditions. Also believed to benefit eczema by reducing inflammation, eliminating bacteria, and helping the skin heal. The chemicals in Calendula help new tissue growth.

Witch Hazel; known to relieve itching and help with “weeping” or oozing eczema. In one study, over the course of three weeks, 22 patients with eczema were treated with a witch hazel ointment on one arm and a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory cream on the other. While the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory cream worked, the Witch Hazel was just as effective for improving symptoms like redness, scaling, and itching (Swoboda & Meurer, 1991).