Natural Menstruation Relief

As women, we all know menstrual cycle can affect us differently. For some, PMT, PMS and menstrual cramps are the worst. A wide range of symptoms which can include headache, dizziness, cramps, irritability, bloating, breast tenderness, nausea, vomiting, food cravings or aversions, weight gain, irritability, depression, anxiety and fatigue. Natural menstruation relief can be found the herbs contained in Spectrum Herbal Monthly PMT Support.


Herbs for painful menstruation relief.

Chaste Tree; lowers prolactin and raises progesterone. For some women, this alone will improve symptoms

Chamomile; Because this herb is also a nervine and mild sedative it may help to reduce stress, relax the nervous system and induce a restful state in the body. This can be very useful when experiencing menstrual cramping accompanied by anxiety and irritability.

Couch Grass: helpful for inflamation, fever, and water retention

Raspberry; helpful in reducing PMS and cramping. It has a high nutrient profile and is especially high in calcium.

Dong Quai; traditionally used to help to reduce menstrual cramps, poor circulation. It has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Dong Quai is also a hormonal balancing herb.

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