Natural Remedy for Eye Irritation

Many factors can cause Eye irritation such as allergies, infection, lack of sleep, chemicals such as chlorine, Irritants in the air such as dust or smoke. The best Natural Remedy for Eye Irritation has to be the herb Eyebright. This plant has a long history of use for eye problems.

Spectrum Herbal Eyes-Bright & Allergy Relief contains natural herbs traditionally used to provide temporary relief from the discomfort of eye irritations. Symptoms such as red, burning, inflamed or watery eyes. The Herbs also provides relief from specific symptoms of hayfever and colds such as sinus pains, headaches, sneezing and blocked or running nose.

Eyebright; When taken by mouth, Eyebright assist with swollen (inflamed) nasal passages, allergies, hay fever, and inflamed sinuses (sinusitis). Also used for “pink eye” (conjunctivitis) and runny nose. In cases of or for conjunctivitis, inflamed and tired eyes it can also be applied as an eyewash or eye drops.


Other Herbs for Eyes

Rue; used to treat fever, weak eyes and kill bacteria and fungus

Bayberry; used for sinus congestion.

Golden Seal; used for stuff nose, hayfever. In recent time, Golden Seal gained a reputation as a herbal antibiotic and immune system enhancer. Because of its ant-bacterial properties, it effective against infections.

Bilberry; used for improving eyesight, including night vision. Also used for eye conditions such as cataracts and disorders of the retina.

Coleu; used for Allergies and eyes conditions

Celandine; used for detoxification

Spectrum Herbal Eyes-Bright & Allergy Relief,  Natural Remedy for Eye Irritation, can also can be used as an eyewash (externally).

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